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Delivering Australia's $0* Energy Bill⚡ Through Solar, Battery & Social Energy

  • Stop paying for Overpriced Energy
  • Unlock Free Subsidies
  • Using the latest tech from Duracell®

Start by entering your postcode, finish by knowing how much your home can earn & save you and receive a free no-obligation quote.

Claim $1,500 In FREE Discounts off a Duracell & Social Energy system

Why Australian Homeowners Are Joining Social Energy & Duracell®

One of the leading packages in Australia... here’s why.

With our 40c feed-in tariff for up to 1200kWh per year, and other exclusive Social Energy savings, you could earn a minimum of $600 extra per year by selling your excess solar, guaranteed when you install one of our 14.4kWh Duracell Energy Bank batteries.

How it works!

Get paid Up To 4X More for your Solar

Where other energy providers typically pay 10c or less per unit for your excess solar, we pay 40c for up to 300kWh every quarter and a great competitive rate thereafter.

40c Feed-In Tariff

With our 40c feed-in tariff for up to 1200kWh per year, and other exclusive Social Energy savings, you could earn a minimum of $600 extra per year by selling your excess solar, guaranteed when you install one of our 14.4kWh Duracell Energy Bank batteries

Exclusive Duracell

After powering the gadgets in all of our lives for decades, Duracell can now power your home too – with the Duracell Energy Bank, only available with Social Energy.

All in one solution

By combining solar panels, batteries and our Social Energy Better Together tariff, you’re best equipped to secure a $0 energy bill

FREE backup Box worth $800

Every homeowner gets a free backup system worth $800 ensuring you always have protection.

Let's Get Your Free Solar Calculation

FREE No-obligation Quote in under 1 Minute & Solar Savings Estimate Online. SAVE massively on your Electricity Bills or even enjoy zero or negative bills.

See how much you could SAVE

$0* Energy Bill
How is that Possible?

$0* Energy Bill
How is that Possible?

Making the Most of the Sun
Solar is a great first step to reducing your energy bills. But you likely don’t use all of your power whilst the sun is shining. With a solar battery system, you can reduce your bills day and night, by avoiding buying expensive energy from the power companies.

Leading Products at Incredible Prices
Getting the best savings relies on fitting the right products…but often the best products are out of reach. With Social Energy you get the best of both worlds, with our exclusive Duracell battery range, you can get a leading product at super low prices. That means you save more and pay less!

Make Money Whilst You Sleep
When you’re not using your solar, your energy retailer will buy it back from you…at Social Energy as the only Energy Retailer built for homes with solar and batteries, we’ll pay you more than the average energy retailers.

Australia's Greatest Solar Bundle Offer

What you can get with your Social Energy Bundle

Redeem Your FREE $1,500 Discount NOW
New Social Energy customers can take advantage of a $1,500 discount when they start with us. We’re keen to work with homeowners who are ready to take action to combat their high bills.

With Social Energy, you get a full solar system including:

  • Full Solar System: Get the right solar system size for your home
  • Size Matched Battery: You’ll receive the optimum battery size for your home to maximise your savings
  • FREE Blackout Protection: Keep powering on when blackouts occur, worth $800*
  • Lifetime Monitoring for Free: With the Social Energy app, you can monitor your solar, battery and home energy usage from anywhere in the world

Check out all of the Solar Products We Offer

Not installed your panels yet?

Not a problem. The road to rewable energy is shorter than you might think and you could start with $0 up front.

Kick-start the process with our savings calculator

Meet our design consultants and receive a free, tailored system recommendation

Get your solar panels and battery installed by local CEC-approved experts

Start saving money by running appliances with solar power day and night

Change to Social Energy for greater access to low-cost energy and great savings

How you can use your system


Generate Energy

Use daylight hours to harness the power of the sun and power your home with green energy.


Store Energy

Your solar battery system will store energy so it can be used both day and night.


Trade Energy

As well as avoiding the need to buy expensive energy, you can trade excess electricity with the power companies.

Lets Find You A Local Installer...

FREE No-obligation Quote in under 1 Minute & Solar Savings Estimate Online. SAVE massively on your Electricity Bills or even enjoy zero or even negative bills.

See how much you could SAVE

How does the calculation work?

Our bespoke solar energy calculation is worked out by using goverment data and information from our own network. It’s an online calculator like no other. It takes 60 seconds to run and ask you some basic questions

We think you deserve so much more... and should be paying so much less!

Check out our example in the Ausgrid electricity region

Feed-in Rate

Usage Rate

For 300kWh per quarter followed by 9.0¢/kWh








Energy Australia



Tariffs quoted based upon data from Energy made easy for cheapest fixed rate tariff per retailer. Data collected on 20 July 2021.

*Prices may vary depending on location.

Receive The Latest Solar Technology

Build your own bundle with all the latest Solar Technology

All Black Solar Panels

We offer the latest solar panel technology, working with key partners including LG, Sunpower and Jinko, so that you can choose the perfect solar system for your home. Not only will these designer panels deliver green energy savings, they’re also fully compatible with our Better Together tariff.

Social Energy Hub

Pairing your solar battery system with the Social Energy Hub grants you access to our 40c feed-in tariff. Using smart software, our clever little box monitors when and how you use your solar energy, so we can get you the best savings from the solar you don’t use.

SolaX Triple Power Battery

SolaX and Social Energy are a match made in heaven. Together, we pair great quality hardware with leading energy saving software, at fantastic prices. And not only are they affordable, the SolaX Triple Power system allows you to connect up to three batteries together, so you can find the right size for your home.

Duracell Energy Bank

Power your appliances with a household name. This pioneering battery, available exclusively from Social Energy, brings together the expertise of the iconic Duracell brand, with the cutting edge technology developed by our team of solar battery experts, to give you the best savings for the long term.

We’ve got 3 easy ways to pay, so everyone can save

We make it as easy and affordable for everyone


Pay on Completion

Once our team have given you a bespoke quote for your home, you can pay a small deposit and then the rest doesn’t get paid until your system is installed and you’re satisfied with our work. Most customers pay by EFT.


Pay As You Save

Pay monthly using the savings it generates for you. That means for example you could save $242 a month and be paying $138…leaving you $104 better off each month. Our experts will show you if you can be cash positive!


Triple Zero Deal

For a limited time we’re offering our Triple Zero Deal with $0 up front, 0% interest, to help you achieve a $0 bill! If you want to access this unique deal before it closes, make sure to tap below to get your free quote.

We Put the Power in Your Hands.

All-in-one app to manage your Social Energy home

Every social network and disruptive platform has an app – so do Social Energy. See your trades, track your savings and view your bill instantly. It’s all about putting the power back in the hands of the people and in the process reducing your electricity bills, sometimes reducing them to zero or even a negative energy bill.

Free Solar Calculator


Nikheleshwar Madamsetty

Hassle Free !! Easy energy company to work with and are really good for people with solar systems with the unique grid trading feature for people with a battery linked to their system


Have had solar panels for over a year now and Social Energy have been really good in assisting with any queries I have had. They have recently transferred me over to now exporting to the grid and have not paid an electric bill since. My credit has grown so should cover winter months too, which is great. The Agents are really friendly and helpful, couldn’t ask for more

S Jones

Had solar and battery fitted 7 months ago, and I am over the moon with savings. I would tell anyone to join Social Energy today.

Putting the power in your hands

We’ve helped over 6,500 homeowners make massive savings, all while fighting climate change. See what they have to say about Social Energy.

5 days ago

Thanks to all at Social Energy...

Thanks to all at Social Energy.

Mr. Keith Parson

45 days ago

Great install here in Australia...

Great install here in Australia. Works like a treat. Support team were A+ and answered my questions. New app is great and looking forward to having zero power bills. Highly recommend.


19 days ago

The lady who came to look at our…

The lady who came to look at our property (Mollie) explained everything in detail. The engineers who came to fit the panels were spot on. All first class


21 days ago

Social energy have been very helpful

Social energy have been very helpful. App is brilliant.

Jane Byer

5 days ago

Just spoke to custome...

Just spoke to customer service lady, Becky. Regarding Solar Energy , selling excess ele…

Terry Flint

18 days ago

Things are looking good so far

Things are looking good so far. It is a bit too early to give a really meaningful assessment.

L D Bartlett

Rated 4.2 / 5 based on 413 reviews. Showing our 5 star reviews.

In more detail: How Social Energy does it

Whilst over 20,000 households are installing solar every month, a lot of them are behind the curve on batteries and the opportunities that they bring. The big trouble is batteries are normally too expensive…but we’re changing that, with direct supply, massive multinational scale, and unique technology exclusive to Social Energy as an energy retailer that makes batteries better for you – giving bigger savings than solar alone!

It all starts with solar…
1: Free energy during the day

  • Bespoke Solar: Our expert team will design the perfect system for your home’s needs
  • Use & charge: During the day your solar system will power your home and charge up your battery
  • Already got solar? We can still help you access the best savings

Make money at night
2: Free energy at night

  • Take back control: don’t get underpaid for the solar you don’t use…store it in your battery to use at night
  • The perfect battery for you: We’ll choose the right battery size to keep your home running through the night
  • Exclusive Duracell battery: With Social Energy, you can get an exclusive Duracell Home Solar Battery

Always protected
3: Blackout protection 24/7

  • FREE Backup System Worth $800: Every homeowner gets a free backup system worth $800
  • Power On 24/7: When the grid goes down, your home will keep powering on, so you’ll never be left uncomfortable
  • Home power alerts: With our free app, you’ll know whenever your power goes off and battery kicks in, so you’re always in the know

Get a FREE expert home assessment and quote – if it’s not for you, all it will cost is a small bit of time out of your day…

Lets Find You A Local Installer...

Get a FREE No-obligation quote in only 1 minute for a social Energy system using our online Solar calculator. Qualify for a FREE Home Energy Assessment and if you’re happy you can get your Solar system fitted in 2 weeks.

See how much you could SAVE

Still not convinced? Here are the answers to lots of questions that we get asked...

Yes! We’re specialists in batteries and solar battery energy plans, so we’re always happy to help if you’ve already got solar. There are lots of great offers for Social Energy battery deals, including a 40 cent feed-in tariff for your first 300kWh of export each quarter after your battery is installed.

We work with leading products and will specify the perfect system for you. When it comes to solar, we have the exclusive Duracell Energy Bank 2, not available outside of Social Energy. We also offer other compatible battery systems, along with tier 1 solar products.

No, you don’t need to pay upfront. In fact, we have $0 deposit options with loan repayments that are lower than your system savings, which means you could be better off right away in year 1, subject to eligibility.

All of our battery systems are warrantied for a minimum of 10 years, and solar panels for 25 years. As you’ll know, just because a warranty ends it doesn’t mean the product stops working, so we can’t say definitively, but we can tell you that you’ll have savings for many many years to come!

As every home is different, we need to speak to you, firstly to make sure you’re eligible, but also to design the perfect system for you. Our trained team of solar and battery expert project managers will guide you through the process and find the right deal for you. Book your call with them now.

That’s no problem, we’ll always show you both options, but we’re confident in most cases that solar + battery storage will be best and provide the strongest long term benefit for homeowners across Australia.